Our Management

The management comprises of an educational society of Sisters of Presentation belonging to the congregation of the daughters of Presentation of Mary in the Temple (D.P. M.T) the congregation was founded by two young catholic women, Francisca Butti and Maria Rossi, in the year 1883 in Italy. The desire to promote humanitarianism not only among their counterparts but also the coming generation inspired them to action. This inspiration paved the way for the birth if religious institution catering its needs to promote the morel, intellectual, emotional and spiritual integration of the child. The task of education would enable the young generation to say "Behold" (yes) to the voice of God, translated and interpreted through a particular educative method, formation of heart after the example of Mary, the pupil of grace, in the temple of God. Mind is the seat of learning but is perfected by the formation of the heart which is the seat of emotion and spirituality.

From the vary inception, it reflects all that is noble and ideal. Our past history reveals the unflinching commitment of the educators who have worked for the formation of the youth entrusted to them with determination, ready availability and generous service. The noblest part of our mission is not just to teach but 'educate'. With this objective in view, the Sisters of Presentation offer their services in many schools all over the country especially in Kerala, Gujarat, Karnataka, Punjab, Andhra Pradesh, Meghalaya, Assam, Africa and so on.

The Presentation sisters offer the service of value based education to the young hearts. The school motto "In thy light we see light" bears ample testimony to the secular as well as the spiritual goals of this catholic institution and the vision of the founder sisters to spread the kind of education that would mould and form the heart which radiates the light of Truth, Justice and Love

Presentation continues her journey towards perfection moulding minds, forming hearts and developing intellects! Academically we have achieved 100% result in SSLC right from its inception. Let the Holy will of God be fulfilled through us and thus His name be glorified forever! Pray that Mary, presented in the temple, the patroness of our institution, radiate her divine light in the path of our lives. The flag of presentation flutters high inspiring and motivating for a better tomorrow, touching hearts and enlightening minds!

Our Administrators